That’s why we chose Timaru

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

So I was talking to the government official who is responsible for deciding our process in NZ for settling refugees. He’s been travelling around deciding where they will be placed. He’s been looking for communities where they will be welcomed and supported to settle into this new and strange land. Places where people will be empathetic to the trauma that has gone before and patient with them to learn new language, ways and systems. Communities of care. One of the places he has chosen for refugees to come is Timaru. When I said I was representing the Baptist church his face lit up. “You have a church in Timaru that has taken on a refugee family !” he says. I nodded as I have heard about the wonderful way that Gleniti Baptist has done just that. “That’s why we chose TImaru”, he says. “Because of what your people have done for refugees”. It inspired hope in him, that there would be people in that place who would love on others different to them. Awesome eh?

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