“oh yeah.. 1 Timothy 2:1-4”. I’d forgotten.

Last week I went to meet the Prime Minister. I was part of a group of church leaders who meet twice a year with the PM and some of her ministers. What was the highlight? Having a moment when the gaze of the leader of the land falls upon you and they are listening to what you are saying? No. Being able to tell your neighbours that you are off to see the PM? No. The moment I will never forget was when one of our number was asked to close the meeting in prayer. She was a Tongan woman who hadn’t said anything when we were talking policy and housing, or even on child poverty or refugees, but when she prayed we were all transported to another dimension. She prayed for the PM and her ministers who were chosen for such a time as this. She prayed for them as mothers, partners and leaders. She prayed for them to know God’s love as they agonised over what they were called to do. It was stunning. There were a few damp cheeks, and not just on our side of the table. I thought..

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