Christchurch is my home..

This is me and mum. We were both born in Christchurch. I’m not going to repeat all the shock and sorrow we have already heard about what’s happened here. It’s horrific.

I only want to say that my hope and prayer is that this makes us better people. That this makes us a more hospitable nation. Right now we want that to be true. My prayer is that once the flowers have died and the news has moved on, that we still remember to look differently at one another. That we pause before we assume anything about someone else. That we look at everyone we meet as someone’s son or daughter. Someone’s loved one. Even the one who commits the horror is someone’s loved one deserving of our care and softened heart. That’s the only way we change. When there no more goodies and baddies. That’s what I think it says in the Bible. Before God we are all the same. Romans 3.23

may God be gracious to us

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