“But now I am lost!”

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Just before Christmas I was at a Christian event, and in walked a local tourist. They were attracted to the idea of coming to something local and religious, which was being held in a beautifully carved church building.

Over the cuppa afterwards I asked this young woman where she was from (the other side of the world) and what she did when she was at home. She paused, and then she said “ Well, I was working in HR for many years… “, then she paused again and with a look of agony on her face she said, “But now I am lost!”. Tears filled her eyes, so I pulled her over to the couch and we had this amazing conversation. She said that while nothing was actually wrong with her life, she now had a deep sense of ‘lostness’. As I explained that Jesus said he was out looking for the lost, and that maybe she was hearing him calling to her in her spirit, she recognised that could be true. She was leaving town the next day so I have no idea what happened from that conversation, but I am reminded never to forget that the ‘lost’ are all around.

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