Baptist Justice Initiative

The purpose of the Baptist Justice Initiative

  • To create a forum for discussion within the Baptist movement around issues of national and international justice

  • To consider a Biblical response to various issues and make available well informed and researched material.

  • To create a forum for consultation on issues of justice as they arise in situations of crisis or where media are highlighting issues requiring a response.

  • To consider practical responses as necessary to the movement and give considered advice.

  • To communicate to the movement the responses in place around issues of justice.

Justice Team

Keeping the Baptist movement informed on issues of national and international justice with a capacity to be responsive in times of crisis.


Ruby is the current Team Leader of Neighbourhood and Justice Initiatives for the Baptist Union. With a history of leading groups working both in New Zealand and overseas, Ruby is practically oriented around ways we can facilitate a more just world.

Ruby Duncan


Justin is interested in the transformation of low decile neighbourhoods through Christ-centred, community-led development. 

He works as a local media specialist for the council in South Auckland and has been the editor of a number of community newspapers plus a rugby coach and legal advocate. He is a qualified journalist and also has a Grad-Dip in Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College.

Justin Latif


Sarah is interested in how the church participates in the redemptive work of the Trinity and how we are called to embody the good news locally, nationally and internationally. She is particularly interested in how the field of hopeful post-development can be applied to theological conviction around justice.

She currently is a co-pastor with her husband Elliot, at Papanui Baptist in Christchurch.

Sarah Rice


Andrew is interested in the interface of theology and justice and the gospel’s renewal of church and society. He works at Carey Baptist College as a systematic and public theologian and has published in the areas of theology and justice. 

Andrew Picard


Rachel is interested in educating young people for a lifestyle in ethical thinking and action around social and environmental justice. She works as an education consultant for universities and NGOs. She holds a PhD in Development Studies and used to be a social studies teacher. Lives in Waiwhetū, Lower Hutt and attends Epuni Baptist. Rachel is married to Steve and they have two teenagers. “People before profit”

Rachel Tallon


Is interested in giving space and voice to those whose voices have been silenced. To deep listening of their stories in a way that is mana enhancing, enabling us to learn from one another. Nāku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi. With my basket and your basket, the people will thrive! A well-known Maori proverb that identifies the strength of collectiveness and connectedness – finding value in each person and recognising that we all have something of value to share with each other, and when this is done in community, we are a strong diverse community. 

Josie is married to Rewai and they have three sons – Manaakinui, Caleb & Joshua. She is currently the chair for Te Aroha Noa Community Services in Palmerston North.

Josie Te Kahu

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