Baptist churches bringing good works and good news to their local neighbourhood

Keeping the Baptist movement informed on issues of national and international justice with a capacity to be responsive in times of crisis.

Justice Initiatives

“Growing up in the average Kiwi home, my parents had no other expectation of me than getting a job, ‘any job would do’, finding a nice man and having a few babies. I was the shy and quiet type. No one thought of me as someone who would do anything significant with their life, least of all me!   READ MORE

Ruby's Story - Tearfund

Ruby Duncan, ex-missionary with Servants, former CEO of Iosis Ministries, and now team leader of Baptist Neighbourhood and Justice Initiative speaking at Central Baptist Church. Listen

Living Justly – Who does the Housework? – Justice for Families

What are Neighbourhood Initiatives all about?

Supporting churches as they explore effective responses to their local area and people. Every church sits within its own unique context. In an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing society, we need to constantly explore new ways of participating and being an agent of change in our neighbourhoods. Looking at both doing good and proclaiming Good News we provide resources in understanding different thinking and approaches. We give you examples and stories about things being attempted and what kinds of outcomes are being experienced.

What are Justice Initiatives all about?

Keeping the Baptist movement informed on issues of national and international justice, and providing support in responding appropriately in times of crisis. The Justice Initiative is a small representative group, which creates a space for debate and conversation.  We do not seek to speak for the movement but to serve the wider group and have respect for a range of views.

Thoughts, musings, experiences and (hopefully) the odd challenging idea.. From the neighbourhood.. Seeking to do Justice.

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 27th and 28th August 2019

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